Protection Spell for Someone Else

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Protection Spell for Someone Else

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Empower, Shield, and Safeguard that Special Person

In the broad world of magic and spirituality, there are countless ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Casting a protective spell is one such approach. While many people are aware of personal protection spells, fewer are aware that you can perform a spell to protect someone else.


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Whether it’s a close friend facing a difficult struggle, a family member in need of extra security, or even a distant acquaintance you believe could benefit from a protective boost. This article will walk you through the complexities of casting a protection spell for another person. Just keep reading.

Protection Spell for Someone Else

Why Cast a Protection Spell for Someone Else?

Why would you want to put someone under a protection spell? There are a lot of extra things you do for the people you care about. For instance, if you hear, suspect or learn that a person you care about may be the target of spiritual or evil forces, or any other kind of threat for that matter.

Life is full of problems, both visible and invisible. Physical, mental, and energetic injuries can all result from a variety of sources. Sometimes we can’t be physically present for someone but nevertheless want to help. A protection spell can act as an energetic shield. Shielding the user from negativity, damage, or malicious intent.

How Would You Know Your Loved One Needs Protection?

This is a frequently asked question by my clients. How would you know about these probable attacks or harm? I will not go into deep detail, but here are a few examples to shed light:

  1. Spiritual attack warning signs include hearing someone make threatening statements.  Statements like, “You will see what will happen to you,” to a person you care about.
  2. Those who launch malicious assaults frequently issue warnings to their targets. They would make strange or questionable comments, such as using foul language or spitting in front of the victim.
  3. A bad thing could happen if you have a grudge against someone or hate them. So, if you know that someone you care about is in this kind of situation, a protection spell for someone else will help stop a bad attack. I promise you, you won`t need to rob a bank.

Protection Spell for Someone Else

The Ethics of Spell Casting for Another

Before drowning in the technicalities, it’s worthwhile to discuss the ethics at hand. When working with energy, especially when it involves another person, it is extremely important to have pure intentions.  And, if possible, their consent. Casting a spell on someone without their knowledge can impact their freedom of choice. Therefore, always approach this with sincerity and respect.

Ingredients for a Protection Spell

While there are numerous protection spells with various ingredients, here’s a simple one that’s both effective and easy to perform:

  • A white candle (symbolizing purity and protection)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • Salt (for purification and grounding)
  • A small crystal or stone (like black tourmaline or obsidian) for protection
  • A bowl of water

Protection Spell for Someone Else

Steps to Cast the Spell

Setting the Intention:

Begin by centering yourself. This can be accomplished through meditation or simply taking a few deep breaths while connecting with the earth beneath you.


On the sheet of paper, write the name of the person you want to protect. You can also write a brief intention or prayer for them if you choose.


Light the white candle and recite. “By this flame, I call upon the universal energies to shield and protect [person’s name].” May they be protected from harm, negativity, and anything that wants to obstruct them.”

“I Call Upon The Forces Of Light And Love, To Protect And Shield [Person’s Name] From Above. Surround Them With A Shield So Bright, To Keep Them Safe Both Day And Night.”

Protection Spell for Someone Else

Elemental Blessing:

Sprinkle salt on top of the paper and say, “By Earth, may [person’s name] be grounded and safe.” Hold the paper carefully over the candle and say, “By fire, may [person’s name] be strengthened and empowered.” Touch the newspaper to the crystal or stone and say, “By Earth’s gifts, may [person’s name] be shielded from harm.” Finally, dip your fingers in the bowl of water and sprinkle it over the paper while saying, “By water, may [person’s name] be cleansed and shielded from emotional harm.”

Closing the Spell:

Hold the gem or stone in your hand and send your intention to protect it through it. Once you’re done, you can either give this rock to the person or keep it with you to protect them. Put out the light and say, “It shall be as I will.”


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Protection Spell for Someone Else

Final Thoughts:

Casting a spell to protect another person is an extremely intimate and subjective act. Keep in mind that the spell’s success will be directly proportional to your faith in it. And the effort you put into casting it. If you follow this step-by-step guide and constantly surround the vulnerable person with protective energy, you can aid in their recovery. And safeguard them from any danger that may arise.

Just like any other form of energy work, protection powers depend on intent. Trust the universe and your goals. And remember that every act of love and security makes the world a better place. Whether it’s metaphysical or physical, it really doesn`t matter. Whether you’re new to magic or have been doing it for a long time, casting a protection spell for someone is a kind way to show you care.

Always remember that magic doesn’t guarantee instant results. The universe works in its own time, and protection is a journey, not a destination. Be patient; keep your heart at peace. And trust that the universe will use its potent energies to shield the one you love upon your request. Happy casting!

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Protection Spell for Someone Else