Protection Spell Jar

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Protection Spell Jar

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Discover the power of a Protection Spell Jar to shield yourself from negative energies. Easy to create, this powerful spell will keep you safe and secure. Protect yourself and your loved ones with this easy-to-make Protection Spell Jar!

Protection Spell Jar is a very powerful form of magic. It protects from negative energies, curses, and even physical harm.

These Jars contain specific ingredients like:-

  • Herbs
  • Crystals
  • Oils and other objects that correspond to protective energies.

Discover the Power of Prayer for Protection

While Protection Spell Jars are a wonderful tool for warding off negative energy, we understand that not everyone may be comfortable with spellcasting. If you’re seeking an alternative that harnesses the power of intention and faith, the Divine Prayer program offers a unique solution.

Divine Prayer is a one-minute manifestation prayer designed to attract abundance in all forms, including love and protection. This simple yet powerful prayer can be used alongside your Protection Spell Jar or on its own to amplify your protective intentions. Embrace the power of prayer to shield yourself from negativity and attract positive energy into your life.

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How Can a Protection Spell Help You?

Imagine you are having a drive with all your family in the car, and you get into a fetal accident! In this accident, you lose one or more of your family members. Remember, you don`t have to be on a long trip or highway for terrible accidents to happen. Now this is how this spell can help protect you and your family.

Gather the Supplies for the Jar

A protection spell jar is a powerful tool for protecting your home, office, or any other space from negative energies. Gathering the right supplies for your spell jar is crucial for its effectiveness.

  • The first item you will need is a small glass jar with a lid, which will serve as the container for your spell. You can use any type of glass jar, but it should be clean and free of any labels or residue.
  • Next, you will need herbs and crystals that are known for their protective properties.
    Sage is an excellent herb to use in a protection spell jar, as it has cleansing properties and can ward off negative energy. Other herbs that are commonly used include rosemary, bay leaves, and thyme. For crystals, black tourmaline and obsidian are popular choices for their grounding and protective qualities.
  • In addition to herbs and crystals, you may also choose to add personal items such as hair or nail clippings to the spell jar to strengthen its connection to you.

Once you have gathered all of your supplies together, take some time to focus on your intentions while assembling them in the jar.

Remember that this spell is intended to protect you from harm and negativity so approach it with reverence and respect.

Protection Spell


Casting the Spell Jar

1. Once you have all of your materials gathered together in one place, take time to center yourself. By meditating or simply focusing on your intention before beginning the spell.

2. Start layering your ingredients into the jar in any order that feels intuitive to you. Do this while speaking aloud your intentions for each item.

3. As you add each ingredient it’s important to focus on its specific purpose in the spell. For example, visualizing the herb SAGE clearing away negativity.

4. When all of your ingredients have been added to the jar, close it tightly with its lid and seal it with wax while envisioning an impenetrable barrier around yourself.

5. Finally, place the sealed jar somewhere safe and meaningful where it can continue working its magic. Remember that this type of spell should not be opened once sealed unless absolutely necessary – so trust in its power and let it work!

Visualize Your Protection

The visual aspect of creating a protection spell jar is essential, as it allows you to focus your intentions and energy on the specific goal of protection.

As you gather your ingredients and begin filling the jar, visualize a shield of protection forming around you or your home. Envision this shield as impenetrable and robust enough to repel any negative energy or influence that may come your way.

By regularly visualizing this shield of protection, you will reinforce its power and strengthen its ability. This will keep harmful energies at bay.

The act of creating a physical representation of this intention also serves as a reminder to stay mindful. You need to be aware of potential threats to your well-being.

With regular use and visualization, a protection spell jar can provide an added layer of security. Not to mention peace of mind in your daily life.

Seal the Spell Jar

Sealing the spell jar is an essential step in any protection spell. This step ensures that the energy and intention of the spell are contained within the jar.

You are preventing it from dissipating into the environment. The first thing you need to do when sealing your protection spell jar is to light a candle. Then, focus on your intention for the spell. You can use a white or black candle, depending on what feels right for you.

Next, take some wax from the candle and drip it onto the lid of your jar. While visualizing a protective shield forming around it. As you do this, say words that affirm your intention for protection, such as

I seal this jar with love and light”

I seal this jar with love and light”

I seal this jar with love and light”


“May this seal keep all harm at bay.” 

“May this seal keep all harm at bay.”

“May this seal keep all harm at bay.”

Once you have covered the entire lid in wax, blow out your candle. Then, hold the sealed jar close to your heart.

Finally, store your sealed protection spell jar in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed. It’s important not to open or tamper with it until its purpose has been fulfilled.

With proper sealing techniques, you can ensure that your spells remain potent long after they are cast. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve got added protection!


Before We Conclude

If you’ve enjoyed learning about the Protection Spell Jar and are looking for more ways to enhance your spiritual protection, consider exploring the Divine Prayer program. This one-minute manifestation prayer is crafted to help you attract abundance, love, and a shield of protection around you. It’s a perfect complement to your spell jar or a standalone tool for those who prefer the power of prayer.

Experience the transformative power of Divine Prayer and fortify your life against negativity.

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In conclusion, a protection spell jar is a very powerful tool. For those looking to ward off negative energy and protect themselves from harm, this simple, effective craft can be personalized. It can fit an individual’s needs and beliefs, making it a versatile and customizable form of magic.

When creating a protection spell jar, it’s important to use ingredients that resonate with you and your intentions.

Once your protection spell jar is complete, remember to recharge it regularly with intention-setting practices like meditation or visualization. Always trust in the power of your energy and intention when using this magical tool. As they say in the world of witchcraft, “as above, so below.”

I hope we can work together! Please contact me and let me know of your experience after casting this powerful protection spell.

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Protection Spell Jar