How to Dress a Candle for Money

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How to Dress a Candle for Money

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“Dressing a Candle for Money”.

To begin with, I want to stress the importance of candles in spells. For almost every ritual or spell ceremony, you need a candle as an ingredient, among others.

With just a small investment, we can reap huge rewards. Or effect significant transformation, gratitude, attraction, or eradication. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to understand a few basics. Keep reading to learn more about candle magic and dressing a candle for money.

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What is candle magic?

Candle magic is an ancient method of making your wishes come true. By empowering your intentions to become a reality and bringing focus to your goals, a really simple type of spell involves lighting a candle, giving it a purpose (intention), and watching the flame burn as you feel your wish released into the universe. 

Dressing a Candle for Money

Cleansing the Candle 

The best day to cleanse a candle would be Saturday. Each candle must be purified individually, one at a time, without shortcuts. To cleanse is to get rid of other people’s energies.

Other people had touched the candles before they reached us. And they had imprinted their energy on them, whether consciously or unconsciously.

To cleanse them, we’ll need to leave them in a vase with some plain old dirt overnight. You could store them in your magic closet to keep others from touching them.

Dressing the Candle

Dressing a candle means greasing it with oil to impart your energy. And your goal is to attract or remove it according to the ritual you are doing. You can use any oil, like jojoba, olive, or coconut oil. Rub the candle (anoint) from top to bottom to “attract” something to you. To “ward off” something, rub it from the bottom up. Focus on your goal. And as you rub oil into the candle, think that your goal is being poured into it. Cover the whole area, but don’t get any on the wick.

How to Dress a Candle for Money

How to Dress a Candle for Money

Step-by-step instructions 

  1. Take your candle in your left hand and hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Dip your right index finger into the oil and begin passing it over the candle.
  2. If you need to draw something in or banish something, start at the top and move toward the center. And vice versa.
  3. Once you have completely dressed (greased) the candle, turn it clockwise on itself between your fingers.
  4. Then, flip the candle over and repeat the process. Working from the base to the center to attract and from the center outwards to move away.

Your candle is now prepared and ready for use.

Dressing a Candle for Money

Charging the Candle

There are two options for recharging an energy candle: Leave it overnight on your altar. Or let the crescent moon shine on it. Some traditions say you should never blow out the candle. Put some saliva on your middle finger and thumb, then close them around the flame.

Alternatively, get too close to the candle and clap your hands on or near it. Or, let the candle burn down naturally and completely. You can also engrave the candle before dressing it. You can use a toothpick. Or a special pen that you will only use to represent symbols, names, or objectives.

Candles to attract an abundance

Do you desire to be wealthy in life? If so, let me remind you that candles might be used to draw in cash. The components of a burning candle will enable us to make money come to us faster. And make us steady in our lives. All we need to do is light a candle. Either in our house or at work, focus and chant our desires. This is pretty much it.

When you light this candle, think of a way to improve your economic situation. And then burn out the candle to make your wish come true. The effects of the candle will be more potent if you choose one with the desired color.

For instance, by using a brown candle, you will benefit from advantages that will boost your personal safety and confidence. If you choose a gold candle, you will experience luck and success in life.

A purple candle has a few more benefits. It will make money appear and give you a greater sense of self-security, leadership, and willpower. On the other hand, a green candle will help to bring money and fortune more quickly. An orange candle also helps to obtain more positive energy that will help you throughout the day. A black candle will frequently help to remove negativity from your life.

Dressing a Candle for Money

How to Dress a Candle for Money 

More Color Explanation

White candles act as a wildcard with many options, or, let`s say, the “default” candle. Allowing you to make any wish and have it come true. If you don`t have the right color and like, you need this done and dusted! A white candle will do.

A white candle also helps to purify the house of any negative energies that may exist. To perform this type of ritual, keep in mind that the candle shouldn’t be in one spot. Instead, you should move it around the house, going into every room. Working with candles may seem easy. But it actually isn`t as easy as it seems, especially dressing a candle for money.

How to Dress a Candle for Money

This is why I strongly advise that you contact Isabella, the professional spellcaster, to do the ritual for you. This way, you can be sure a skilled and knowledgeable individual is doing it.

A professional who is always available to address any concerns you may have. And offer follow-up services at no additional cost. Isabella has helped hundreds of clients over the years and would love to work with you as well.

How to Prepare a Candle to Attract Money

To start the candle ritual, you need to choose the candle you are going to use. It can be white or any other color that matches your goal. Then, with something pointed, you need to draw a four-leaf clover on the candle. If your wish is to be luckier or to get money, you put a dollar symbol on it.

Then, with the lit candle, take a small plate and make the candle wax drip on the plate. Then, stick the base of the candle to the melted wax on the plate to make it stick.

You must perform this ritual every day at the same time. Place a small amount of water, black pepper, and a few drops of lemon on the plate beneath the candle.

If you wish to share your good fortune, give away the coins you toss onto the candle dish. Do this two days after the candle has burned down, and ask for the money to appear.

Dressing a Candle for Money

How to Dress a Candle for Money 

Candle Spell to Attract Money

Here is the most potent and effective version of the candle spell to attract money. You will benefit greatly if you prepare it with intention and energy.


  • 200 ml of carrier oil (I use jojoba because it does not turn rancid)
  • 10 grams of sandalwood root
  • A small magnet
  • 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil
  • 5 drops of ginger essential oil
  • 3 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • A nutmeg

The Procedure:

Dressing a Candle for Money

Use it as a dressing on your candles as well as on things, petitions, and requests. documents after allowing them to macerate in a dark glass container for at least three weeks.

I once used this lotion on a folder containing all the paperwork related to a will my grandmother had written for me. Then, I lit a green candle and dipped that in the oil as well. I did this because, along with dealing with financial issues, I was having some issues. Issues with another member of my family.

In my mind, I saw money coming to me and my grandmother comforting me. She told me that it was intended to be a fund for my future, as stated in her will. After a few weeks, the other family member decided to resign and stop requesting money and legal action. And I was finally able to fulfill my grandmother’s wish. I really think that the ritual with the oil helped out, and my grandmother’s vision became real.

Before we conclude, we recommend an alternative for those who might not be comfortable with spellcasting.

Consider the Billionaire Brain Wave program, a unique product designed to manifest wealth into your life. It features a secret 7-minute audiotape that has been crafted to attract money effortlessly for anyone who listens to it. Experience the magic of effortless wealth manifestation by giving it a listen today!

How to Dress a Candle for Money 

Final Thoughts

If you want to take things to the next level to attract even more money into your life, you can use the lotion as glue to attach a banknote to the candle.

Happy Casting!

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How to Dress a Candle for Money