How to Make a Protection Spell Jar 

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How to Make Your Protection Spell Jar 

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Since the beginning of time, humans have been worried about staying safe. People have always looked for ways to protect themselves from bad luck, danger, and harm. Whether by building walls around themselves or employing warriors, in the magical world, a protection spell jar acts as a powerful talisman. Combining herbs, stones, and good thoughts to ward off harm

In this article, we’ll explore making your own jar of protective spells. Like other spells, spellwork has basic parts that must be done exactly right for it to work. Read on to learn more about these fundamental elements so you can reach your goals.


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How to Make a Protection Spell Jar 

Key Elements

  • Focus
    To make a successful protection spell ritual, know your goals. Think about the reasons behind your actions and the outcomes you hope to achieve. Keep your focus basic, clear, and direct.
  • Visualization
    If you focus, visualization will happen naturally. Visualizing involves imagining people, places, and things. Visualizing your goals will boost your activity.
  • Moon cycles (Timing)
    Spellcasters who work professionally base their focus on the phases of the moon. New moons signal fresh starts. Waxing moons, when the moon is getting bigger, stands for progress and growth. The full moon is a time of abundance. It is up to each person whether or not to base their spellwork on the moon. If we have to base it on the moon phase to create our protection spell jar, the full moon will be the best time.

The Protection Spell Jar explained.

The contents of a protection spell jar are traditionally associated with providing safety. Protection spells are a type of sympathetic magic in which the power of natural objects is enhanced via ritual and positive thought.

Anyone can make a protection spell jar! If your protection spell jar doesn’t work the first time, this simply means that you need to remove blockers. Or raise more energy while repeating the spell. Try it out without worrying about making a mistake.

How to Make a Protection Spell Jar 

How to Make a Protection Spell Jar 

Gathering Your Supplies:

You don’t need to break the bank or go on a wild hunt to gather your ingredients. The majority of the things you’ll need can be found lying around the house or purchased in the neighborhood. This is everything you will need to get started:

A Jar: Any jar will do, but ensure it has a tight-fitting lid. Mason jars, or even small vials, work well.

Salt: Known for its purifying properties, salt is a primary protective element.

Black Tourmaline: is a powerful protective stone known to shield against negativity.

Herbs: Popular choices include sage (for cleansing), rosemary (for protection), and bay leaves (for warding off negativity).

A white or black candle represents purity and protection.

Paper and pen: For writing your intention.

Other optional ingredients: Feel free to add items. Such as nails (for fortification), mirrors (to reflect negativity), or any other items you feel drawn to.

How to Make a Protection Spell Jar 

Crafting a Protection Spell Jar

Cleanse and prepare:

Purify your environment before you get started. This can be carried out by sprinkling your workspace with sage. Or by ensuring that it is clean, organized, and free from distractions. You should also purge your system by meditating for a while or taking a few long, deep breaths.

Setting Intentions:

On a piece of paper, write down your purpose to safeguard. The statement “This jar will protect me from all harm and negativity” can be a simple example. As you fold the paper, keep your purpose in mind.

Building Up Your Jar:

Start by adding salt to your jar, visualizing it as a first line of defense. Next, add your plants. As you do so, speak or consider how protecting each herb is. Imagine the black tourmaline serving as a shield as you place it in the container. Finally, center the folded piece of paper that contains your intention.

Sealing the Jar:

Light the candle. Slowly pour some melted wax into the container as it burns. Focus on locking in your goals and the protecting powers of the components as you do. While you’re doing it, try chanting something like, “With this seal, I lock in protection, shielded from negativity and harm.” Lock the container’s lid tightly.

How to Make a Protection Spell Jar 

Finalizing Your Spell:

Hold the jar in your hands. Imagine a protection wall coming out of it and surrounding your home or wherever you plan to keep it. Feel the energy of your goal come together with the energy of the ingredients.

Storing Your Jar:

Store the jar in a safe place. Typically, where you feel it’s needed most—near a doorway, in your bedroom, or even in your car. Some people bury it in the ground on their property to form a protective barrier around their home.

Guarding Your Spell Jar

Now and then, it is necessary to “recharge” your jar at regular intervals. Some ways to accomplish this are by exposing it to moonlight, adding new intentions, or replacing some of the ingredients.


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How to Make a Protection Spell Jar 

Making a protection spell jar is a beautiful blend of purpose, tradition, and the natural world. It’s a tactile reminder that we have the capacity and power to influence our surroundings and ward off negativity. Ultimately, it is to draw boundaries when necessary. So, if you feel like you need a little more safety, you might want to make this magical tool. After all, the world often gives good things to people who take care of themselves. Good Luck!

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How to Make a Protection Spell Jar