Marriage Spells That Work: 5 Potent Spells

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Marriage spells that work:

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5 Potent Spells Proven

In the journey of marriage, the power of understanding and communication plays a crucial role in navigating through the highs and lows.

While traditional marriage spells aim to strengthen the bond between partners, the modern world offers another remarkable tool for enhancing your relationship and manifesting abundance.

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Marriage Spells That Work

It’s normal to look for different ways to save your marriage, like trying out cultural or traditional practices. However, don`t jump into these practices straight away. Its wise to first focus on easy, tried-and-true methods that encourage communication, understanding, and mutual respect.

After you have tried it all, then you can consider channeling to marriage spells or rituals. Continue reading to find out more about these marriage ceremonies. And without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Marriage Spells That Work #1

Happy Marriage Charm

So, you are in a marriage relationship, but you are not happy. Perhaps you don`t even know why you feel the way you feel. But what you are sure about is that you do not have a happy marriage. Then this one is for you.

Don’t hesitate to avail this marriage charm to remove all negative energies from the current relationship with your partner. It’s straightforward and quick to execute. Once you create your marriage charm, your union will soon exude positive energy and joy.


  • A green ribbon
  • 9 dried yarrow stalks

How to cast the spell

  1. This is such a simple spell. All you need to do is use the green ribbon to tie the prepared stalks together.
  2. Then, hang it over your bed to attract pleasure, joy, and fulfillment into your marriage.
  3. The perfect time to perform this spell is during the new moon.

Marriage Spells That Work

Marriage Spells That Work #2

The Moon Spell

The second spell on the list is the Wiccan marriage spell. This marriage moon spell uses white magic to attract true and lasting love. Casting this spell during a full moon is ideal since your energy is at its strongest.

Get yourself to a peaceful spot where you can observe the moon without any light pollution. If clouds are in the forecast or if the full moon is expected to last less than three days, then the ceremony should be postponed.


A silver ring

A white rose

Lemon verbena

A white dish

Dried yarrow


How to cast the spell

  • Using your left hand, hold the ring so that the center rests on your index finger.
  • Turn your body so that you are facing the moon and looking straight through the ring’s center.
  • Then chant the following:

“Please create the bond I always desire
I will never get tired of my true love.
With the witness of this full moon,
Please bring me a long-lasting marriage”

  • Raise the rose on the right so that it completely hides the moon from view.
  • Repeat the chant.
  • Place the ring on the base of your rose.
  • Put both the ring and the flower into the dish with mixed herbs.
  • Repeat the chant.

This spell takes some time to manifest, so you need to be patient. Good preparation will strengthen the power of your spell. Try to gather all necessary materials and supplies one day before the ritual.

Marriage Spells That Work #3

Marriage healing spell

Marriage Spells That Work

This is my favorite marriage spell, but many others can restore harmony and mend a troubled marriage. Don’t pass up this excellent choice if your marital relationship isn’t working out right. This paper-based Wiccan marriage spell can also remove any miscommunications you may have with your spouse.


A white candle

A pink candle

2 pieces of string

A pen

A piece of paper.

A box of matches

A small cauldron.

What to know?

This spell’s preparation is also crucial before beginning the witchcraft ceremony.

Listen carefully: To begin, compose two letters to your Goddess of Love. The first letter should detail the problems in your marriage and how you feel about them. The second should express your goals or what you hope to gain from the marriage.

Be forthright and truthful. Spell out exactly what you want from the universe in as much detail as possible. Visualize the ideal state of your relationship. It could help to think about the time you two initially became romantically involved.

How to cast the spell

  • Cleanse yourself and your place.
  • Make four lines with your magic circle.
  • For love and care, light the pink candle.
  • For peace, light the white lamp.
  • Put the first letter in the pot and light it on fire.
  • When you look at the light, pray that the bad things will be burned away.
  • Say this chant:

“Please, the sacred flame, bring all the negative energies away from my partner and me and grant us a new beginning.”

  • Carefully reread the second letter and picture all the details.
  • In order to strengthen your friendship, tie two pieces of string together and make a tight knot.
  • Fold the paper in half and tie it up with the string.
  • Say the following words out loud:

“God and Goddess above, can you hear me good? Please reunite me with the person I really love. Please fill our love with harmony and peace and make our love bond stronger.”

  • Before you close the circle, thank your God and Goddess, wholeheartedly
  • Bury the string and paper package in your yard or somewhere else private.

Marriage Spells That Work #4

Harmony Spell

As with the previous spell, this one is also a white magic trick meant to make your marriage more peaceful. Many issues often happen after you are committed to someone; therefore, casting the marriage harmony spell will keep you focused on your marriage’s happiness.

Typically, when a couple gets into a fight, they only talk badly about each other. This spell can help you remember both the redeeming qualities of your relationship and the excellent elements of your partner, which is why you should apply it now.


A purple candle

A red candle

A white candle

How to cast the spell

  • Begin by lighting up all the candles.
  • Then, chant the following:

“Dear the Goddess of Love, please hear my prayer good and bring harmony to my relationship with [the name of your partner].”

  • Relax your thoughts and allow the love you feel for your partner to fill your heart.
  • Declare firmly in front of the red candle:

“My desire is for the greater good, so please grant my wish.”

  • Focus on the flame coming from the candle.
  • To finish the spell, blow them away.

Marriage Spells That Work #5

Voodoo Marriage Spell

Marriage Spells That Work

This voodoo marriage spell is a good option if you’re hoping for something stronger. It is OK to carry out a black magic ritual if you are mature enough to handle any fallout. On the other hand, using dark magical arts is not advised if you practice Wicca.

Of all the spells about love and marriage, voodoo spells with pictures are probably the most powerful. Hoodoo witches have a gift for those looking for a powerful spell to make their marriage happier.


A red candle

An apple


A picture of the two of you

A pen

A paper

How to cast the spell

  • Write down the name and date of birth of your lover on the paper.
  • Put some honey on the photo of the two of you.
  • Position the image to your right, in front of the apple and candle.
  • Remain composed and begin to picture the scene when your partner is proposing to you.
  • Start mediation. Take a moment to consider how you want your marriage to end.
  • Then, after a few minutes of meditation, say these lines out loud:

“Dear Erzulie, the Goddess of voodoo magic,
Please make (your lover’s name) commit his future with me,
May his heart be mine, and may my heart be his.
I’m willing to spend the rest of my life with him, so please tie us together forever,

Finally, thank Erzulie and wait patiently for the marriage magic to materialize. To be successful, you must have great faith in the magic and your ritual.

As we approach the conclusion of our exploration of marriage spells and traditional practices, it’s essential to recognize the power of modern techniques in enhancing our relationships and manifesting abundance.

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In conclusion, you may get a good number of marriage spells for your use. If you’re already a professional spell-casting practitioner, then you can make use of some love spells or love portions and change the chanting words a bit for marriage and commitment.

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Marriage Spells That Work