How to Make a Money Spell Jar

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How to Make a Money Spell Jar

Manifesting Abundance in Every Drop

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Everyone likes the idea of having more money and wants to bring more of it into their lives. Even though hard work and dedication are important for financial success, a little push from the universe, along with the right purpose, can go a long way.

Traditional witches will tell you that it’s hard to troubleshoot money using a money spell jar. But for me, money spell jars have been the easiest to make. When I first started learning about witchcraft, I used a money spell jar for the first time. I could see that witchcraft worked, so I knew it was real. This spell for money changed everything for me.

I may not be sure about something, but money spells (jars) aren’t one of those things. We all have areas where we doubt the veracity of some claims. But I really believe that money spells can be cast with little to no effort.

Actually, I tend to specialize in money spells. If I had to choose one area of magic in which I excel, it would be financial manipulation.

I have a fantastic alternative for those of you who are interested in the idea of attracting wealth but may not feel comfortable with spellcasting.

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The Purpose of a Money Spell Jar

The idea comes from the long-held view that when objects are charged with intention, they become powerful tools for making wishes come true. When you make a money spell jar, the ingredients, and your wishes work together to create a synergistic effect that brings money to you.  After all, the outcomes are entirely noticeable.

With the help of these spells, you can not only increase your financial situation but also grow entirely convinced that spells are for real. Your life will be filled with prosperity once you cast a powerful money spell. The money spell jar is one tool in the magical world that can help bring abundance and prosperity into your life. It brings good luck because it is full of things that represent wealth and success.

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My Take on Money Spell Jars

Anyone is capable of performing money rituals! You might want to start with money spell jars if you don’t fully believe in witchcraft. If the initial attempt at casting your money spell is unsuccessful, this just indicates that you need to clear away any obstacles. Or produce more energy while you cast the spell again.

Do not let your fear prevent you from giving it a shot. When money starts coming in, everything else will start to get better. Since I have always found that the state of my profession and my finances go hand in hand, casting money spells for myself brings me both a sense of security and delight. Let’s talk about how to make a money spell jar that works and makes you feel rich.

How to Make a Money Spell Jar

How to Make a Money Spell Jar

Gathering Your Supplies

To make a successful money spell jar, you’ll need:

A Jar: Choose a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid. The size depends on where you wish to keep it.

Coins: physical representations of money; any spare change will do.

Green Candle: The color green is traditionally associated with money and prosperity.

Herbs: basil (for wealth), mint (for prosperity), and cinnamon sticks (for quick success) are popular choices.

Jade or Green Aventurine Crystals: Both stones are known for attracting wealth and luck.

Honey or Maple Syrup: These symbolize the sweetening of your financial situation.

Paper and Pen: To pen down your intentions or specific financial goals.

Additional elements: Consider adding a magnet (to magnetize wealth), gold glitter (to symbolize abundance), or even banknotes.

Making Your Money Spell Jar


Spend a little time in meditation at first, concentrating on your financial aspirations and objectives. Your jar will hold greater power if your goals are very clear.

Write down your intentions:

Write down a specific financial goal or a general intention for prosperity on the paper. Fold it, thinking of your desires coming true.

How to Make a Money Spell Jar

Adding layers:

Begin by placing the folded intention in the jar—layer with coins, visualizing each coin multiplying. Next, sprinkle the herbs, imagining each bringing wealth and prosperity to you. Place the crystals, feeling their energies amplify your intention.

Adding a Sweet Touch:

Imagine your financial future being sweetened as you pour honey or maple syrup into the jar.

Sealing with a Candle

After lighting the green candle, let some of the wax drips onto the top of the jar to signify its closure. While you are doing so, you should remark, “With this seal, I bring abundance closer.” Come, now, you are blessed with money and prosperity. Check to see that the lid is closed securely.

Charging Your Jar:

Hold the jar between your hands, visualizing it as a magnet for money and prosperity. Picture your financial goals being realized and feel the joy that comes with it.


Keep the jar where you’ll see it frequently to serve as a visual reminder of your goals, such as your desk, your savings account, or the office.

Maintaining Your Money Spell Jar

Now and then, revisit your jar. Open it, add new coins, refresh your intentions, or even add new ingredients. The more energy and intention you invest, the stronger its pull is.


Before I conclude, I recommend an alternative for those who might not be comfortable with spellcasting. Consider the Billionaire Brain Wave program, a unique product designed to manifest wealth into your life.

It features a secret 7-minute audiotape that has been crafted to attract money effortlessly for anyone who listens to it. Experience the magic of effortless wealth manifestation by giving it a listen today!


How to Make a Money Spell Jar

Final Thoughts:

It is quite essential not to forget that the money magic jar is merely a supplement—a supplement to the efforts that are made in the actual world. Regardless of the fact that it is a potent weapon for attracting wealth, continue to put in long hours at work. Look for new possibilities, and manage your money responsibly.

The jar will serve as a multiplier. Increasing the effectiveness of your efforts and bringing you the financial success you seek. After all, magic is most effective when it is combined with some sort of physical effort. Welcome to a bright and prosperous future filled with plenty of abundance. Good luck!

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How to Make a Money Spell Jar