How To Do Candle Magic

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How To Do Candle Magic

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If you are new to magic, “you must let it burn!”. I mean, if you want to manifest anything, you`ve got to burn down those candles. Candles are a must-have for any practitioner of magic. You can leave them unlit around your home to spread good vibes. Or you can use them (lighted) in rituals and spells to enhance and release energy. Avoid setting your place ablaze, though.

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is an ancient method of making your wishes come true, empowering your intentions to become reality, and bringing focus to your objectives.

From prehistory onward, fire has been a constant force in human history, spanning all cultures and continents. A very basic type of spell involves lighting a candle, giving it a desire (intention), and watching the flame burn as you feel the wish released into the universe.

If you’re seeking an alternative or complementary method to amplify your manifestations, discover the power of the Divine Prayer. This one-minute manifestation prayer is designed to help you manifest anything in life, from love to abundance.

Embrace this simple yet profound practice to enhance your candle magic rituals and witness the transformation in your life. 🙏✨ [Discover More]

How To Do Candle Magic

At some point as kids, most of us have blown out the candles on a birthday cake. And wished upon them. Truly, that was candle magic! Fire changes everything it touches. Whether it’s a love letter that turns into ashes or water that boils for spaghetti. In candle magic, you tap into this energy of change, which helps speed up the changes in your life.

The act of burning is thought to link the material world to the spiritual world. Another important aspect of this is the use of various candle colors.

This is known as color magic! Different colors hold different kinds of energy. And when we burn a light of a certain color, we’re trying to use that energy. According to some candle magic traditions, you should never blow out a candle. Instead, you should let it burn out naturally or use your hands to take out the light.

Candle Magic: What do I need?

You only need a candle; white is good. However, you can utilize color magick to customize your candle’s color to match your request. Additionally, some oils, like jojoba, coconut, and almond, are effective.

You are not required to ‘believe’ in anything in particular. Or to be a witch, psychic, or magician for this. This relates to the use of ritual to concentrate your intentions. The ability to spend time reflecting on your desires and goals may be more significant than the specific instruments.

Explaining candle colors

How To Do Candle Magic


If you are limited on resources, white can be used as a nice “default candle”. But color magic encourages calm and peace and strengthens inner power and wisdom. White gives you a clear head and the determination to achieve your goal.


In color magic, black is a constant power of protection. Candles, black clothing, and yes, crystals are all there for psychic defense. Consider Black to be your very own divine bodyguard.


Green represents development, fortune, fertility, vigor, and creativity. As the natural ally of nature, green is constantly seeking to innovate, broaden, and bring your ideas to life. You should use this color to manifest money because it also boosts wealth.


The color blue encourages harmony, calm, comprehension, empathy, and wisdom. When you are feeling troubled or anxious, it is a good idea to surround yourself with blue. It works with your energies and any emotional wounds that need to be healed in a pleasant, tranquil way.


Yellow is a chatterbox, a networker, and a super connection! It improves your social and networking abilities, opening up new employment opportunities. (Try leaving an unlit yellow candle on your desk as a sign of potential new chances.)


Red inspires passion, sex, and love. You probably require a red candle if your ritual has anything to do with your romantic or sexual life.


One for “romance” is this: A pink candle by your front door will bring love into your home. And you can utilize one in a ritual to catch the attention of the person you want to impress.

How To Do Candle Magic


This color is guaranteed to increase your psychic abilities, creativity, and spiritual awareness. Purple has a strong spiritual connotation.


The color orange is alive, active, and energizing. Consider it a pep talk. This color promotes ambition and aids in expanding your horizons in candle magic. Use orange to make your ambitions more expansive and bold!


The color brown represents the earthy, practical side of humanity. You’ll find improvement in areas where resources are concerned, such as health, vitality, possessions, pets, fortitude, and endurance.

The weekday colors

Different days of the week are associated with colors that reflect their own unique features and aims. Performing your ritual on the correct day will increase its power and effectiveness. (Try your ritual on a Tuesday if you’re using a red candle for “passion,” for instance.)
  • Sunday: gold and orange
  • Monday: silver, white, and gray
  • Tuesday: red, brown, and other autumn shades
  • Wednesday: yellow and gray
  • Thursday: purple and deep blue
  • Friday: light blue, green, pink, and copper hues
  • Saturday: maroon, dark shades, and black

Candle Magic Color Combinations

You can pick one candle and focus on it. Or you can get creative and mix and match different colors by burning more than one candle to achieve a more complex goal or intention. For example, you may be an ambitious tarot reader. Seeking a role that will satisfy your monetary needs (yellow) and spiritual progress (purple). Burn a yellow and purple candle.

Or perhaps a fight with your significant other has left you feeling emotionally hurt. And you want to heal both your own wounds (blue) and the romantic relationship’s wounds (pink). A blue candle and a pink candle could be burned in that case.

How To Do Candle Magic

How to Do Candle Magic

#1: Your Manifestation

Consider the things you want to bring into your life. Be specific, optimistic, and gentle. No matter how annoying someone is, don’t wish them terrible things. Allow karma to handle it. Clearly state your goal in one statement, such as, “I need to find an exciting job that pays more.”

#2: Make the Spell

The simplest candle magick ritual requires just a few things: visualizing your objective, speaking the words, and lighting the candle to unleash the energy—and that`s it! Carefully choose the color of the light. Choose the one that matches your goal, like yellow for looking for a job. You could also put relevant gems, herbs, or flowers around your candle to make the right “vibes” stronger.

To take your ritual to the next level, research astrological placements in order to channel the correct universe energy. Wait till Venus enters Libra if you want to talk about love. A new moon is an excellent time to start anything new and try to attract favorable circumstances. Naturally, you should avoid casting spells during Mercury Retrograde. Write a short mantra, poem, or song dedicated to your objective. This may seem stupid, but I assure you that it will help you feel more connected. And you were committed to your end objective.

#3: Mixing Candles

You can mix and match the candles to make your plans clearer. So, if you want both great sex and real love from your next partner, use a red candle (for sex) and a pink candle (for love) in your routine. Use a yellow candle and a white candle to balance the mood and create the right environment for having and recovering from a difficult conversation.

If you wish to use your skills and abilities to gain money, combine green and orange.  A green candle is for creativity, while an orange candle is for ambition and success. Bring in black and blue candles. Black for protection and blue for healing. This helps if you want to increase the power of your psychic care package. Or if you want to project protection and healing for someone who is “going through something,. Use an orange (personal achievement) and purple (spiritual enlightenment) candle to help you uncover your niche. If you want to hear messages about your true purpose in life, see what I mean! Combine and contrast them.

How To Do Candle Magic

#4: Dress the Candle

You want to create a “psychic link” between yourself, the candle, and your target. This process is known as “dressing the candle.”

First, apply oil to the candle (any oil will do, such as jojoba, almond, or coconut). You can also incorporate essential oils if you’re a fan. To “attract” something to you, rub the candle from top to bottom. To “ward off” something, rub it from bottom to top. Focus on your objective, and imagine pouring that vision into the candle as you rub oil into it. Cover the entire surface, avoiding the wick.

Chanting really does help. Your hands may begin to tremble or become quite heated. This is an indication that the magick is functioning and the energies are flowing. Dress the candle for a few minutes, or until you feel it being “charged.” If there are any pertinent names, numbers, or symbols in the wax, you can also scratch them out.

#5: Light the candle

You’re all set to practice magic now. Breathe deeply, relax, and picture your concerns or problems slipping away from you. Then, begin to imagine achieving your goal as if it had already occurred. Think about how you would feel and what your life would be like. Repeat your mantra, song, poetry, or intention aloud once you have a clear mental image in your head. Light the candle after you’re nearly “full” of the enthusiasm and good energies associated with your objective.

Concentrate on the candle’s aura (the light that surrounds the flame). Imagine it expanding until it fills the space. After that, visualize it spreading out into the cosmos and sending a signal to bring your intention to you. As long as you can, keep this image in your memory. Blow out the candle when you sense your focus slipping or when you begin to become sidetracked.

How To Do Candle Magic

As we near the end of our exploration of candle magic, it’s essential to recognize that while ancient practices offer a powerful connection to our intentions, modern tools can also play a significant role in our spiritual journey.

One such tool is the Divine Prayer, a one-minute manifestation prayer that has been helping individuals manifest anything in life, from love to abundance.

By integrating this simple yet profound practice into your daily routine, you can enhance the effectiveness of your candle magic rituals and unlock new levels of manifestation. Embrace the power of the Divine Prayer and witness the transformative impact it can have on your life. 🌟 [Experience the Magic]


Interpret the flame

Watch how your candle flames move during the ritual. This might be important. For instance:

  • A blue flame indicates a nearby spirit!
  • A tall, strong flame: Your spell will be effective!
  • A flashing flame may indicate the near presence of spirits or intense emotions in this spell.
  • A sputtering or popping flame may suggest stress, struggle, or conflicting energies hindering your manifestation. You could wait and try again.
  • A feeble flame indicates a need for increased attention and intent in the spell. Focus and imagine your wish in color. Increasing flame means more power.
  • If a candle sizzles, explodes, or hisses, it indicates communication from the “other side.” Interpret sounds as words or messages.
  • Other fires or candle explosions: Beware—something may be hindering your wish. Check your goal for ways it could hurt others and adjust your plan. Get what you want without harming others.
  • If the candle won’t burn: you need to restart the ritual.
  • Only one side of the candle burns: The wish will be partially fulfilled or postponed.

Happy spell-casting!

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How To Do Candle Magic