Send Back To Sender Spell

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The “Send Back to Sender Spell”: Let us take a closer look at its mysteries.

From the times of the early civilizations to the present, people have always been fascinated by magic, spells, and the supernatural.

The “Send Back to Sender Spell” is an interesting spell that spiritual seekers talk about a lot.  It comes from different spiritual traditions and cultures. As the name suggests, it is thought to send bad energy, curses, or harm back to the person who sent it.


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Yes, you can send it right back to them! I mean, it’s only fair that they get back what they sent, right? This article goes into the interesting details of how this spell works and what it means from a moral standpoint. And, how to cast it efficiently and successfully, expecting no backfire.

Send Back To Sender Spell

Understanding the ‘Send Back To Sender Spell’

At its core, the “Send Back to Sender Spell” is a spiritual practice that reflects the universal law of karma, which says that what goes around comes around.

It is based on the idea that bad thoughts or energy sent toward a person can be sent back to the person who sent it, bringing back balance. Different cultures and spiritual practices have their own ways of understanding this spell, but the main idea stays the same.

The Mechanics of the ‘Send Back To Sender Spell’

How does this spell work, then? Even though the details can be different, most spells need a physical representation of the sender. For example, a photo or something they own, and the spell itself, which can be spoken or written.

The person casts the spell when they are calm and focused, making it clear that they wants to send back the bad energy or harm. People think that this action changes and redirects the energy, sending the harmful energy back to where it came from.

Send Back To Sender Spell

Real-life Experiences

A lot has been said about whether or not the “Send Back to Sender Spell” works. But a lot of people swear by its effectiveness.

Monica, 24, who practices Wicca, talks about her experience: “I had a roommate who was always giving me bad vibes. I could feel a change in energy after I used the “Send Back to Sender Spell.” It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and to my surprise, my relationship with my roommate has gotten better.

In the same way, Patrick, who follows ancient spiritual practices, says that the spell works. “Once, a coworker treated me badly for no good reason. Not only did his hostility go down after he did the spell, but he also had a few bad things happen to him, which he admitted were because of how he was acting.”

The Ethical Considerations

Even if the spell seems useful, it’s important to think about what it means morally. The “Send Back to Sender Spell” isn’t about getting even or doing what’s right. The goal shouldn’t be to hurt but to keep from getting hurt. Misuse can hurt not only the person who receives the spell but also the person who casts it.

If you feel you need to send it back with a vengeance, I strongly suggest you DO NOT do it yourself. Contact me, a professional spellcaster, and I will cast a spell on your behalf. That way, you will be certain the spell is well done, and no harmful results are expected.

The “Send Back to Sender Spell” is not a form of black magic or evil, despite what most people think. As I stated earlier, its goal is not to hurt someone but to keep oneself safe. And no, it’s not a surefire way to get even with people who have hurt you. The energy it sends back depends on what it got in the first place. This makes it fair, just like karma.

Modern Use and Adaptations

The “Send Back to Sender Spell” is still used in spiritual practices today. Some people use technology to cast spells like recorded voice notes or words written on a computer. Even with these changes, the spell’s main purpose remains the same: to send bad energy back to where it came from, restoring energetic balance.

Although there are many “Send Back to Sender” variations based on various spiritual practices, I’ll offer a straightforward version that anyone can perform if they have the right intentions. But before we start, always keep in mind that the spell’s goal is to restore balance; it should never be used with the intention of doing harm.

Send Back To Sender Spell

Casting The ‘Send Back To Sender Spell’


  • A small mirror (any handheld mirror will do)
  • A black candle (symbolizes protection and absorption of negativity)
  • A photograph or item related to the sender or a piece of paper with the sender’s name written on it (optional)
  • Incense or sage for cleansing (optional)


  • Prepare the space: Cleanse your surroundings with sage or incense if available. This helps create a purified space for the spell.

  • Set your intentions: Light the candle. Take a moment to clear your mind and focus your energy. State your intention clearly – you are not aiming to harm anyone, but to return any negative energy or harm directed at you back to its source.

  • Mirror Visualization: Hold the mirror facing away from you. Visualize the mirror as a protective barrier, reflecting away all negative energy, harm, or misfortune that is being sent your way.

  • Write your intention: On a piece of paper, write down your intention. It could be something like: “All harm, negativity, or ill-will directed towards me, return to your source. May the mirror reflect what was meant for me. I wish no harm, only protection and peace for me.” Fold this paper and place it in front of the mirror.

  • The Salt Circle: While focusing on your intention, create a circle around the mirror and paper with salt. Salt is traditionally known for its cleansing and protective properties.

  • Seal the spell: Close your eyes and visualize the mirror reflecting any negativity or harm away from you and back to its source. Say aloud, “By the power of three, so mote it be” or any other phrase you prefer to seal the spell.

  • Aftercare: After you’ve completed the spell, snuff out the candle. You can keep the mirror and folded paper in a pouch or bag in a safe place, or you could bury it in the earth, symbolizing the grounding of any remaining energy.

Don’t forget that the power of any spell comes from your belief and intent. When you cast a “Send Back To Sender Spell,” you should be careful and treat the energies involved with respect.


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Conclusion: Send Back To Sender Spell

The “Send Back to Sender Spell” is an intriguing fusion of religious conviction, traditional custom, and energy work. Despite the numerous testimonials attesting to its efficacy, it is crucial to approach it with sincere intentions.

And a clear understanding of its purpose. In the end, what we send into the world—whether it be good or bad—will eventually come back to us. As the spell itself teaches us.

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Send Back To Sender Spell

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