Powerful Return To Sender Spell

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The “Powerful Return to Sender Spell To Mirror What Is Happening To You.” This is a spiritual practice intended to reflect any negativity, harm, or ill-will directed toward you back to its source.

This powerful ‘Return to Sender Spell’ utilizes the power of a mirror. In this case, a mirror is symbolically used to reflect the energy you’re receiving.

Remember, these spells can be dangerous. Casting such spells should be done with caution, respect, and the right intentions.

This is why I strongly advise that you contact a professional spellcaster. Contact me to cast this powerful spell for you.

A professional spell caster will cast the spell ethically. And will make sure that it is tailored directly to its target without uncertainties.


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The key ingredients for this spell include a handheld mirror, a candle (preferably black or white), a piece of paper, a pen, salt, and a pouch or bag.

Powerful Return To Sender Spell

Procedure: The Powerful Return To Sender Spell

Always remember that the power of a spell lies in your belief, intentions, faith, and the energy you put into it. Without these, the spell will not work. Be respectful and mindful of the energies you’re dealing with when performing any spiritual or magical practices.

Ingredients Needed:

In order to perform the spell, you must first clear your workspace. Establish your intentions before performing a mirror visualization in which the mirror stands as a defense mechanism.

You then write your intention on a piece of paper and place it in front of the mirror. This intention essentially requests the return of all negative energies to their source without causing intentional harm.

A circle of salt, known for its cleansing and protective properties, is then created around the mirror and paper. The spell is sealed with a verbal affirmation, and you visualize the mirror reflecting negativity away from you.

After the spell, the candle is blown out, and the mirror and paper are stored in a safe place. Or buried to ground any remaining energy. The spell underscores the importance of intentions, belief, and energy in its effectiveness.

Powerful Return To Sender Spell

Casting The Spell

  1. Prepare the space: Cleanse your surroundings with sage or incense if available. This helps create a purified space for the spell.
  2. Set your intentions: Light the candle. Take a moment to clear your mind and focus your energy. State your intention clearly – you are not aiming to harm anyone but to return any negative energy or harm directed at you back to its source.
  3. Mirror Visualization: Hold the mirror facing away from you. Visualize the mirror as a protective barrier. Reflecting away all negative energy, harm, or misfortune that is being sent your way.
  4. Write your intention: On a piece of paper, write down your intention. It could be something like: “All harm, negativity, or ill-will directed towards me, return to your source. May the mirror reflect what was meant for me. I wish no harm, only protection and peace for me.” Fold this paper and place it in front of the mirror.
  5. The Salt Circle: While focusing on your intention, create a circle around the mirror and paper with salt. Salt is traditionally known for its cleansing and protective properties.
  6. Seal the spell: Close your eyes and visualize the mirror reflecting any negativity or harm away from you and back to its source. Say aloud, “By the power of three, so mote it be” or any other phrase you prefer to seal the spell.
  7. Aftercare: After you’ve completed the spell, snuff out the candle. You can keep the mirror and folded paper in a pouch or bag in a safe place. Or you could bury it in the earth, symbolizing the grounding of any remaining energy.


Powerful Return To Sender Spell in Detail

This powerful return-to-sender spell is a witchcraft ritual that shows the person who cursed or hexed you what is happening to you. This person gets all the pain, trauma, and emotional damage he or she caused you back in full.

Revenge and karma are ways of showing that someone has had enough of bad things happening to them. The more bad things that happen to you, the more good things happen to those who hurt you.

Even though you may think this is a simple spell or ritual, you must first cleanse yourself to get rid of any energies, curses, or hexes placed on you. The return-to-sender ritual or spell can then be performed.

The best time to do it is between Saturday and Monday at the stroke of midnight during a waning moon. It’s not a hex because you aren’t projecting your own negative energy; instead, it’s a reversal spell that is used to stop someone from acting negatively toward you.

Powerful Return To Sender Spell

Protection Spell to Keep You Safe After Using the Return to Sender Spell

Protection spells directly address force and power spells. The spell surrounds you with a shield that stops the effects of evil magic. Or whoever you cast a spell on.

Chant this three times while holding a white candle.

“In times of trouble, I call to you

Protect me here

Protect me now

In times of trouble, I call for thee

Protect me here

Protect me now”

Then, pass the piece of jewelry you want to wear through the flame. It can be a bracelet, ring, or necklace.


As we conclude our discussion on Return to Sender, it’s worth considering a divine alternative to protection spells. The ‘Divine Mantra Chants for Protection from Evil Spirits, Demons, and Negativity‘ provides a powerful protective shield, casting away any evil spirit or negative energy.

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Summary: Powerful Return To Sender Spell

People have different ideas about revenge. Some say, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Others get their revenge while the wrong is still fresh. And still, others don’t see revenge as an option and leave the matter to God for justice.

But, let’s face it, getting revenge on our own for wrongs done to us is often good for us, beyond making us feel powerful and satisfied.

Always keep the effects of your spell in mind. And instead of concentrating on your negative emotions or feelings toward someone, concentrate on yourself and why you deserve better.

Take this opportunity to put your happiness and your vision first. It’s the safest way to use the magic of retaliation spells.

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Powerful Return To Sender Spell