Love Spell Chants

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What are love spell chants?

❤️ Repeated rhythmic phrases were said or sung many times, acting like meditation or prayer. Chanting a spell for love can produce beautiful results in your life.

The difference between a prayer and these chants is that the chant could be a simple phrase like a mantra. And it can be repeated internally all day long. The intent behind mantras is usually to quiet the conscious mind to help during meditation. A love spell chant does not need to be religious or involve prayer. But you can combine both according to your own beliefs.


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If you are comfortable with spellcasting, let’s dive in, shall we?

They are a type of chant used to express desires for love or attract a certain person. These chants can be performed alone, in pairs, or even in groups. They usually include words of power and specific directions on how to cast the spell. For example, one might recite a chant such as “Let my true love find me” while visualizing their desired partner coming into their life.

Love Spell Chants That Really Work

A love spell chant can be powerful, but this will vary from person to person.

Here are six love spell chants with and without ingredients below. Choose the one that will work best for you.

#1. Simple Love Spell Chant (Wiccan) 🔮

“Lady and Lord, from the Ecstasy of Your Love.
Let those who I love love me in return,
Let love enter my heart and my home.
I am Light, I am Love. So mote it be”


#2. Simple Love Spell Chant 💕

“By the power below and above,
I am asking you bring me love.
By this spell that I have cast,
I want a love that will always last.“


#3. Simple Love Spell  🧙‍♀️

“Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near.
As endless rivers run to sea
His path to me is clear”


#4. Love Spell Chants To Get Your Lover Back 

  • A pink ribbon
  • A mirror
  • Honey
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • A candle
  • Incense

Burn some sweet-smelling incense, heather or violet is perfect for this.

Pass the ribbon through the smoke three times saying:

“Ribbon be thou the bearer of love.

Ribbon be thou the bearer of happiness.”

Put a dab of honey on the ribbon and then on your tongue. As you taste the honey, say:

“Honey, bring me the sweetness of love.”

Repeat three times.



#5. Love Attraction Spell Chant To Attract Specific Person

  • A red candle
  • piece of red or pink paper
  • Red Ink pen or Doves
  • Blood Ink.

Start by lighting the Red Candle

On the paper write your full name.

Write the name of the person you are attracted to

Write their birthday then your own.

Draw a heart around the information then write the names and birthdays again directly on top of the heart.

Do this 3 times. Don’t worry if it looks like a scribble.

Fold the paper in thirds and burn it in the flame of the candle. As it burns say…

“Light the flame bright the fire, Red is the color of desire.”

Repeat this three times. This must be done each night for nine consecutive nights.



#6. Love Spell Chant

  • Pink Rose Petals
  • Red Ink pen
  • An Apple
  • A knife
  • A Red and Green Cord

Take two pink petals from a Rose and write on the male lover

Take another petal and write on the female lover (or if gay write the different names on the two petals as above).

Take an apple, slice it through so that you can clearly see the five-pointed Pentagram of the seed capsules.

Take the two Rose petals and put them together

Place them on the bottom half of the apple.

Place the top half of the apple on to the petals so that the apple is whole again.

Now tie a red cord first one way across the apple binding the two halves together saying:

“I bind this man to this woman until the Goddess deems otherwise.”

Now tie a green cord ninety degrees from the red cord and say:

“I bind this woman to this man until the Goddess deems otherwise.”

Before we conclude, let’s explore another avenue for those who might be hesitant about spellcasting. The Divine Prayer program offers a seamless blend of prayer and intention, perfect for attracting abundance and love in just one minute a day. It’s a gentle yet powerful way to connect with the universe and manifest your desires.

On the other hand, Make Him Worship You provides an insightful look into the male mind, offering strategies to foster a deep, unwavering connection. It’s an opportunity to transform your relationship and experience the devotion you’ve always wanted. Embrace these alternatives and watch your life change for the better. Unlock the secrets to love and abundance now.



Love spell chants have power and effects that can be quite profound. They are an effective way to attract love, heal existing relationships, or just boost self-confidence. Chanting these spells can open up new avenues of energy and promote a positive outlook on life. They can bring about remarkable changes in our lives when done right.

When using any magic spell or chant, remember that results will not manifest without effort from your end. It takes patience and dedication to see a change in your life. But with the right attitude and focus, you can use these powerful spells to manifest your desired outcome.

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Love Spell Chants