Cleansing Spell

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Cleansing Spell For Wealth, Health, and Love


Feel lighter and refreshed with powerful cleansing rituals! Discover simple yet effective methods to cleanse yourself, your family, your home and your work

Cleansing Rituals are used to cleanse an individual, environment, or business of negative energies, thoughts, emotions, and habits. They can be done with the help of a professional witch or shaman or simply by yourself with some basic supplies.


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If you are comfortable with spell casting, carry on with the following steps below:

Items needed:

Salt, herbs, incense, and candles represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

  • Begin by setting up your altar in a space where you feel comfortable and safe.
  • Place each item on the altar in its corresponding element. For example, place salt at the base, representing Earth, or light a candle to represent fire.
  • Next, take time to meditate on what it is that needs clearing from your life. Focus your energy on each item placed on the altar.
  • Finally, call upon your chosen deity to assist in the cleansing process. Do this before ending with thanks for their attention and love.👏👏

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How to Cast the Spell


  • White candle
  • Salt
  • Water.
  • You can also use incense, if desired.

Begin by casting a circle around yourself to create sacred space and protect yourself during the spell.

Light the candle and place it in front of you.

Hold the bowl of salt in one hand while sprinkling some into the bowl of water with your other hand.

Visualize a beautiful white light emanating from the water that will cleanse away any negativity or impurities from your life.

Speak aloud.. “This is my cleansing spell. I cast it here today so that I may be free and clear of negative energies”

Repeat this phrase three times as you visualize the light getting brighter until it is overflowing with positive energy.

When finished, dip your fingertips into the bowl of water for a few moments. Then blow out the candle and break your circle/space.

Your cleansing ritual is complete!

Benefits of Cleansing Spell

Cleansing spells are very powerful tools for purifying and renewing energy or the environment. They help create harmony in one’s life by eliminating discordant vibrations that can cause chaos or distress.

The benefits of cleansing spells include releasing stagnant energy and introducing new, life-enhancing forces into an area.

Cleanse spells can help all areas of a person’s life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With regular practice, cleansing spells offer protection from harm. It entirely promotes overall well-being.

It allows new vitality to enter our lives while releasing old patterns that no longer serve us.

The effects of a cleansing spell extend outward beyond the individual practitioner into their environment. It also extends to their relationships with others.

A lot will be gained by removing negative vibes from within oneself or one’s living space.

It creates more harmonious exchanges with those they interact with on a daily basis.

Calm emotions such as anger and fear, and then peace is restored in both the inner and outer worlds.


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The conclusion of a cleansing spell is an integral part of the process. Ensure that all the energy, emotion, and intention that went into performing the spell are correctly released and discharged. This prevents any negative energy from lingering in the air after the spell has been completed.

At this point, you can choose to express gratitude for whatever it was you were working on.  Alternatively, take a moment to be present with your thoughts and feelings.

End your cleansing ritual by thanking your higher power, yourself, and any other entities or beings who may have helped you along the way. Invoke a protective barrier around yourself and your environment before concluding the ritual.

Be sure to give thanks again for being able to perform such powerful work throughout this process!

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