Bring Him Back To Me Spell

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Bring Him Back To Me, Spell

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This is a Guide to Mending a Broken Heart

Hello, dear readers; Love is very powerful and beautiful, and because of that, we would do anything for it. We sometimes go out of our way to have and keep love. But despite all our efforts, we still find ourselves out of love, separated from our lovers. That being said, it is no wonder a lot of people turn to love spells to find love, especially the “Bring Him Back To Me Spell.”

“Bring Him Back to Me Spell” is a very popular spell that has been used more times than all other love spells. In this article, we will discuss the power and effects this magical spell offers when cast properly.

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Why would you need a “Bring Him Back To Me spell”?

Relationships end for a variety of reasons, including miscommunication, personality conflicts, or just time and distance. Sometimes, our love and connection with someone don`t go away even after we have parted ways. The “Bring Him Back To Me Spell” might be a tool to take into consideration if you find yourself crying for a lost love and want to rekindle that spark.

What is a “Bring Him Back to me” spell?

As the name goes, a “Bring Him Back To Me Spell” is a type of love spell designed to bring back a former lover into your life. It is a mix of specific chants, rituals, and items, most of which have personal meaning for the people involved.

Ethics of Casting a “Bring Him Back To Me Spell”

It is important to know the ethics and moral implications of casting a love spell. Keep in mind that you must respect the free will of the person you are casting a spell on. Your motives should not be based on manipulation or control but rather on love and healing. A love spell shouldn’t interfere with someone’s right to free will; it should only act as a spiritual production toward reconciliation.


Now, let us go through the process of casting the “Bring Him Back To Me Spell.” Remember to always approach this process with pure intentions, belief, faith, and trust

Supplies you will need:

  1. One pink candle (symbolizes love and affection)
  2. Rose oil (to dress the candle)
  3. A piece of paper and a pen
  4. Matches or a lighter
  5. A small dish or fire-safe container
  6. An item that reminds you of the person (optional)

Here are the steps to cast the “Bring Him Back to Me spell”:

Create a calm and peaceful environment:

This is the first step and is just as important. Make sure to cleanse your space physically and energetically to remove any negative energy. Negativity is bad when doing any spellwork. You might want to meditate or focus on your intention before beginning. Make sure the place where you are performing your spellwork is free from any disturbances.

Prepare the candle.

Prepare the pink candle by dressing it with rose oil. Start from the middle and move towards the two ends. As you do this, focus on your intention and visualize your loved one returning to your life. It is important to maintain belief and faith.

Write your intention:

Write a heartfelt note on a piece of paper for the person you want to attract. Express your feelings in the form of a poem or a simple statement declaring your intentions. For example,  “May [name of your target] return to my life in love and harmony.”. Please write what you want and how you exactly want it to be.

Light the candle.

Now, light the candle with a lighter or a match. As you light it, speak out loud, “I call upon the pure and loving energies of the universe to aid me in attracting [name of your target] back into my life. May this happen for the highest good of all.”

Burn your intention: Carefully burn the paper in the flame of the candle. Let your intentions rise into the universe with the smoke. As you do this, visualize a warm, loving energy connecting you and the person you wish to attract.

Leave the candle to burn out naturally:

Put the lit candle in a secure location and allow it to burn out naturally. Hold your intention in your heart even as the candle burns.

Close the ritual:

Once the candle has burned out, say a word of thanks to the universe for carrying your message. Dispose of the remaining candle wax respectfully.

Remember, casting a love spell should never infringe on someone’s free will. It should be done from a place of love and respect. If it’s meant to be, the spell will guide the person back into your life naturally and harmoniously.

Testimonials and Success Stories

While the results vary, there have been several instances where people successfully reignited love using this spell. One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, shared her experience. After casting the “Bring Him Back To Me Spell,” she was able to reestablish communication with her ex, leading to honest conversations and, eventually, a renewed relationship.

Potential Consequences and Considerations

Like any action, casting a spell comes with potential outcomes. On the positive side, the spell might reunite you with your lost love. On the other hand, it might not yield the desired results or lead to a reunion that’s less ideal than expected. Therefore, it’s important to reflect on your intentions and desired outcomes before casting the spell.


Before we conclude, I’d like to remind you that there’s more than one way to attract love into your life. If spellcasting isn’t your cup of tea, consider exploring the Divine Prayer program. This one-minute manifestation prayer is crafted to help you manifest not just love but abundance in all aspects of your life. Why wait for love to find you when you can actively attract it? Start your journey with Divine Prayer today and open your heart to endless possibilities!



The “Bring Him Back To Me Spell” can be a powerful tool for those wishing to reconnect with a lost lover. However, the caster’s intention, attention, and belief in the power of their actions are what make a spell work.

As always, love spells, including the “Bring Him Back To Me Spell,” should be cast responsibly and ethically.

I hope this blog post provided a helpful insight into the “Bring Him Back to Me spell.” If you have tried this spell or have thoughts on the topic, please share your experiences in the comments.

For more information on love spells or ethical witchcraft practices, please explore our other blog posts.

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