Think of Me Spell

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“Think of Me” spell:

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Intentions, Practice, and  the Impact

Hello, friends of the arcane and mysterious! Welcome back to our weekly exploration of various forms of magic, spiritualism, and mystery surrounding the world of the spiritual.

Today, we’re going to talk about the “Think of Me” spell, which has been asked about a lot in our community.

Please keep in mind that we only discuss spellcasting and magic with people who take those practices seriously and respectfully.

Always keep the golden rule of magic in mind: do no harm, and make sure your actions are kind and upbeat.


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The “Think of Me” Spell: An Overview

The “Think of Me” spell is common in many magical and spiritual traditions, especially witchcraft and modern Pegan practices.

As the name suggests, the goal of this spell is to make a specific person think about you. This is usually done to make a connection, communicate, or deepen a relationship that already exists.

This spell affects the target`s mind and emotions, making them think and feel things. But it’s important to acknowledge and respect the free will of others when using this kind of spell. Or any spell, for that matter.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the specifics of this powerful ritual that really works. But before we do that, here`s my take on this one:.

  • Make sure your mindset is appropriate. I mean, you should be in your right mind. Being positive is necessary if you want do any spellwork. Your energy must continue to be pure. Your spell will not work if you harbor any animosity.

  • Embrace your confidence and maintain a positive attitude in life!

  • Don’t use magic for evil purposes!

Keep reading to learn more.


Crafting the “Think of Me” Spell

The beauty of spellcasting is that it’s often a deeply personal practice, meaning you can adapt it to suit your beliefs, feelings, and intentions.  Below, let me give you a basic outline of this simple “Think of Me” spell.

To begin, here are the tools you need.

Materials Needed:

  • Two candles (ideally, pink or red for love and connection)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • An item connected to the person (optional)
  • Rose or lavender oil (optional)


Start by making a space that is calm and peaceful for your spell. This could mean cleaning your room, setting up an altar, or lighting incense.

Write your name and the name of the person you want to think of you on the piece of paper. If you have an item that represents this person, place it near the paper.

With the oil, anoint the candles to represent the nurturing of love and connection. Place the candles on either side of the paper lit.

Close your eyes and focus on your intention. Spend a few minutes meditating and visualizing the person thinking about you, not through force or coercion but through genuine interest and affection.

As you focus, say out loud: “By the power of attraction and ties that bind, my thoughts of me enter your mind. Not by force or against your will, but through real, still love and feelings.”

(Repeat this X3)

Let the candles burn down on their own, and either keep the piece of paper with you or put it somewhere important.

Remember, intention is key when casting any spell, including the “Think of Me” spell.


Understanding the Impact and Ethics

Working with a “Think of Me” spell can be an energizing and transformative experience.

You might find that you talk to or feel closer to the person you’ve been focusing on. But it’s important to remember that nothing can replace open and honest communication in any relationship. By that, I mean “leave communication lines open.”

It’s vital to think about how casting a spell on someone else affects your morals. The Wiccan Rede is the best way to decide what is right and wrong. It says, “An’ ye harm none, do what you will.” This means that you should be careful about your intentions. And make sure they are based on love and respect, not manipulation or control.


As we wrap up our discussion on Think of Me Spell, it’s worth considering an alternative to love spells for those seeking a different path.

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Final Thoughts

The “Think of Me” spell is a way to strengthen emotional connections and reminds us of the power of intention and focus. It’s a way to remind ourselves that we have the power to change our own love lives and the relationships we care about the most.

But like all magic, this “think of me spell” requires respect, responsibility, and a real understanding of what you are doing. Before you cast the spell, you should think about what you want. And make sure it fits with the idea of love.

The “Think of Me” spell is a common practice in many magical traditions. Its goal is to make a specific person think about the person who casts the spell. It is used to bring people together, improve communication, or deepen a relationship that already exists.


It’s important to remember that this spell should be done with the other person’s free will in mind and never used to hurt them. The success of the spell depends a lot on how strong the practitioner’s will and concentration are.

Candles, anointing oils, and individual artifacts are frequently used as symbols. But it’s crucial to consider whether casting such a spell is morally right, making sure it adheres to the principles of love and respect.

Next time, we’ll look into a different area of magic, so make sure to keep following. I am sure that with all the trust, faith, and belief that you have, this spell will bear the most desired outcome you could ever hope for. Until then, keep being magic!

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