There Is nothing more painful than a cheating Man / husband


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We got married after 10years dating. When we got married everything was great not until he changed his colours and started cheating on me. I was devastated and heart broken. Dr Carlos helped me to stop him from cheating and 2 years now we are as happy as we were never before. Never think that it can never happen, protect your marriage before its too late. Thank you Dr. Carlos

A Cheating Husband Breaks Hearts

A cheating husband hurts you badly emotionally and mentally. He will not only break your heart but also your mind and soul. He will destroy trust, respect, hope and dreams.

Marriage Will Be Ruin

A cheating husband will ruin your marriage. Imagine all the hopes you had to build a happy family with kids and love all over. Suddenly he goes and shares the most important aspect of your marriage with someone else.

He Breaks The hearts Of Children

You have been with your man and you’ve made a family including children. When this man starts cheating and the kids gets to know this, they will be devastated.

You Lose Integrity and respect

A cheating man in the community makes a wife feel so small and shameful. She loses her integrity and community members cease to respect you.

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It’s In Your Hands

You Decide To Get A Broken Heart Or Take Action Now!

This Muthi has protected thousands of marriages and resolved thousands others. It will stop any man that might think of cheating.

Protect Your Relationship or Marriage

I will put together a strong Muthi to protect your relationship or marriage. Do not let your relationship fall just like that. Protect it and save it.
Dont let your man be taken away by a stranger. I will arrange a Muthi for your Man to stop cheating immediately. He will love you and love only you. This Muthi will stop your man to ever think or love anyone. He will love you like you are the only woman on the planet.
This is your chance to take action than spending time mourning and crying. Don’t be heart broken when there is a solution that will permanently save your relationship or marriage.

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Individual results may vary.

That’s because making a Muthi is more spiritual art than science, and even Mukuru will not be successful every time due to individual case differences. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. This is why Mukuru offers an unconditional money back guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied, he will refund your money. Period. No questions asked.

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Allow me to be honest, I was hesitant in the beginning I tried so many other Muthi, waste of time and money, Now I’m forever grateful and honored to be featured on your site”
Sarah P
Sarah PPE
Jaja Mukuru you have helped me so much in my life that there are no words I can possibly say, Thank you! thank you so much xoxo ”
Karabo C
Karabo CGauteng
We had separated for five months, in 5 days after receiving my Muthi he finally reached out and now we are closer then ever!
Abrahams T
Abrahams TCape Town
Jaja Mukuru, you are a cosmic warrior a divine spirit much love always. If you need a Muthi this is the most honest transparent Muthi Maama to go to!
Grace AGeorge
The most powerful God gifted Muthi Mama EVER! I have spent hundreds of Rands on other spells and psychics I was so ashamed, I’am glad I met you Jaja! None has been able to help me your truly amazing
Maarine KPMB
Thank you Jaja for helping me find myself again you gave my faith back and the love of my life
Kathleho GPretoria
Happier then ever and so blessed thank you for putting our family back together and building us stronger
Athang JJoburg
Your divorce Muthi saved me from loosing my marriage, children and home. I appreciate everything you have done for me. God bless you always.
Jackson RCaledon

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How It Works

I encourage you to read through the website before contacting me. After you have made up your mind about the Muthi, you can contact me and this is what will happen.

30 Min Free Consultation

I know you have questions to ask, you are probably skeptic wondering if it will work and you want to hear from me. I will ask you a couple of question about your challenge. These questions helps me to better customize your Muthi to suit your specific challenge.

Making A Muthi Order

This is a very easy step. After the consultation and satisfied with my response, you will supply me with your fullnames. I use these details to cast blessings in the Muthi to ensure that the Muthi is made in your name for effectiveness.


After you supply me with all the details to make your Muthi, you have to make a payment. My Muthi is cheaper compared to what is on the market. The reason for this is that I dont do this for financial benefits, I do this to help people with my God given natural talent. This little money i ask is to maintain my traveling while collecting materials that make muthi as well as facilitating my assistants who helps with website and other logistics.
I accept eWallet and FNB ATM bank Deposits Only.
After payment, I will begin to get the Muthi together and then courier it to a Postnet close to you as this is the cheapest option. Delivery to your home is also possible though more expensive.


My Muthi is made to work and if it doesnt give you the expected results, I will refund your money.Of course this is applicable only when you have followed my instructions .


My Work Is Permanent, Please Do not contact me if you are not 100% Committed to what you need.

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