Spells to Make Him Obsessed with You

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Spells to Make Him Obsessed with You

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Obsession Spells to Make Him Obsessed with You! Yes, you read that right—to make him crazy about you. Make him lovesick with these love attraction spells. We all would want that, right? Read on and find out more..

Love is a strong force that can make us do things we never thought we would do. People have used different kinds of magic and practices for hundreds of years to find love or make it stronger.

We want to explore more about the exciting world of love spells and how they have changed the lives of people who have used them. In this blog, we’ll look at real-life success stories from people who have used obsession spells to make them obsessed with you.

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Understanding Spells to Make Him Obsessed with You

Obsession spells have been around for a long time and come from many different countries and traditions. Most of the time, these spells use natural objects, symbolic actions, and incantations to make two people feel a deep, emotional connection. The caster’s intention, attention, and belief in the power of their actions are what make an obsession spell work.

There are many ways and ingredients used to make obsession spells to make him obsessed with you. Ingredients such as candles, herbs, charms, oils, and incense. It is important to treat these spells with care, respect, and an awareness of what might happen if you do something wrong.

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Obsession Spells to Make Him Obsessed with You


Sarah, a 28-year-old accountant, had always had a hard time finding a love relationship that meant something. She found the world of obsession spells after a string of heartbreaks. Sarah tried the spell because she was both interested and in need.

She picked a simple candle spell on which she wrote the name of the person she wanted to be with. She rubbed rose oil on a red candle with the name on it. For the spell to work, Sarah had to think of her intentions and visualize her goal happening while the candle was burning.

Sarah was shocked to see that her love life had changed transparently. She started getting attention from the person she liked, and their relationship grew into something intense.

Here`s the step-by-step guide on the spell Sarah used

Ingredients :

  1. A Pink or Red Candle
  2. Anointing Oil – Rose Oil
  3. A pin or needle
  4. A very fresh red rose with a strong scent

How cast the obsession spell to make him obsessed with You

  • Put some oil on the candle and the needle or knife.
  • Use the needle or the pin to write his name or his nickname on the candle.
  • Picture this man standing in front of you in your mind. Feel his presence
  • Put the rose and the candles on the table/Altar, with one candle on each side of the flower.
  • Light the candle while still thinking about him and say these words:

Flower Of Love, Please Let It Be,

That True Love Is Coming To Me

And Let It Be Done, That It Harm No One

  • Bring the rose inside and place it between the lit candles. Focus on the flame and imagine real love burning in the heart of the person you want to attract.
  • Keep the candles burning until the rose’s bloom falls off.
  • Then, put out the candles and bury the rose in the yard.
  • If you don’t have a garden, you could put the rose between the pages of a book of poems you like.

So easy is it to cast this obsession spell! However, remember the key to  successful spell casting lies in belief, trust and faith of the caster. Without these, even the most powerful spell will NOT work!


Emily, a 35-year-old teacher, didn’t believe at first that obsession magic would work. She was ready to give up after several failed tries. But a chance meeting with a powerful spellcaster made her want to try again.

Emily learned to perform a strong obsession spell from a spellcaster. She then made a love charm bag with rose petals, lavender, and a personal item belonging to her target.

Emily followed the instructions exactly, and within a few weeks, her love life changed for the better. The man Emily desired fell in love with her, and Emily`s dreams came true!

Below are the steps Emily took to get her boyfriend-turned-husband’s full attention
Ingredients Used:

  1. A small red or pink bag
  2. Rose quartz crystal
  3. Rose petals dried
  4. Dried lavender
  5. A little piece of paper
  6. A pen

Write down your goal: Write down your goal for love on a small piece of paper. Be clear about what you want in a partner and what kind of relationship you want to have.

Fill Your Charm Bag: Put the rose quartz, rose petals, dried lavender, and the written purpose into the charm bag. As you do this, picture your wish for love coming true.

Put a lid on your charm bag or tie it shut. Hold the charm bag in your hands and put your love energy into it while picturing your goal coming true.

Keep Your Charm Bag Closed: Carry your love charm bag with you, keep it in your purse, or put it in a special place at home. Let it`s power work magic and bring you the love you want.

If you follow the easy steps above, your love life will become everything you’ve ever wanted. That’s exactly what Emily did, and many other people do the same every day to make their love lives better. Do something now to get the love life you want. Some of these love spells are FREE! Trying one or two now and again won`t hurt.

Remember that the key to making love magic work is to have good intentions and accept the free will of others. Have faith that the right person will come into your life at the right time.

These are possibly the best quick obsession spells. We couldn’t print them from the above accounts and the many others. People who tried these spells saw results in less than a week. That’s a great time to make something happen!


Lisa, a 24-year-old graphic artist, had loved her best friend for years. Although she tried to tell him how she felt, he never seemed to feel the same way. Lisa didn’t give up, so she used obsession spells as a last option.

She did a moonlit ritual that involved writing a letter from her heart to the world about her deepest wishes. She did this with unwavering faith and drive. Lisa hid the letter under a tree during a full moon and waited for the magic to happen. Soon after, Lisa was surprised to hear her best friend telling her he liked her. And they started a loving, committed relationship.

The exact steps Lisa took to cast this powerful spell are as follows:

Choose the Right Phase of the Moon: Choose the right phase of the moon for what you want to do. A new moon means a fresh start. A full moon means that something has come to be and is finished.

Set Your Intentions: Start by setting a clear goal. Make sure you know exactly what you want from this practice.

Get your ingredients together: Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A white or silver candle
  2. Crystals (Moonstone or Clear Quartz
  3. Incense (sandalwood or Jasmine)
  4. A bowl of water
  5. Pen and Paper

Make your sacred space. Put the candle, crystals, incense, and bowl of water in the places shown in the moonlight diagram you picked in Step 1. This setup represents the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water.

Light the Candle and Incense: Light the candle and incense, and take a few minutes to center yourself. Take a deep breath of the calming smell of the incense and feel the energy of the moon all around you.

Write Down Your Intention: On a piece of paper, write down your goal for personal growth or change. Be clear about the good change you want to bring about and focus on it.

Say your goal out loud. Hold the paper and say your goal out loud. Imagine that the moon’s energy amplifies your goal and sends it out into the world.

Finishing the Ritual: Thank the moon and the elements for helping you grow. To end the rite, put out the candle and incense.

Discard the letter or paper: Bury the paper under a tree and wait for the rite to happen positively. If you live in a city, you might keep the letter in a safe place in your house.

Remember that moonlit rituals can be a strong way to use the energy of the moon to harness your growth and change. Believe, have faith, and trust in the process.


Our success stories show ways how obsession spells to make him obsessed with you can be used and the results they can bring. From honey jars in Brazil to love knots in Japan, people from all over the world have used love spells.

People have used love spells to find comfort and success in their search for love. Success stories are different, but they all have a common goal of not giving up until love is in the air.


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Conclusion: Spells To Make Him Obsessed

People who have used this spell correctly have indeed achieved their goals. When casting obsession spells, we suggest you do so with an open mind. Be cautious and have respect for the power they hold. Also, remember to have belief, faith, and trust.

Those who want to learn more about spellcasting or who need help on their path should talk to experienced practitioners. Remember that love has a lot of power. If you treat it with care, it can lead to amazing things and bonds.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Stay blessed, and please remember to leave a comment below.

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Obsession Spells to Make Him Obsessed with You


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