Love Spell Using A Strand Of Hair

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Love Spell Using A Strand Of Hair

In this article, we are going to look at TWO different types of Love Spells Using a Strand of Hair.

All spells and rituals carried out with one’s body part are 100% guaranteed to work if followed correctly. The body part of that person creates an unbreakable link with magic to him or her that cannot be broken. HAIR is a powerful tool in magic and can be used to create a potent love spell. However, one needs to be very cautious when collecting hair for the spell.

Gathering The Hair For The Spell

Gathering a strand of hair from the person you wish to cast a love spell on is an important step.

Below are some cautions to take:

  • Try to acquire the hair without them knowing – for instance, if they are sleeping or out of the house. If this is not possible, try asking for a lock of their hair in an unobtrusive way.
  • When gathering the hair, make sure it is clean and free of any knots or other debris.
  • Afterward, place the hair in an airtight container so that it won’t become contaminated with dirt.
  • It’s also important to keep track of where the hair came from by writing down information such as when and how it was collected; this will help ensure that your spell remains effective.
  • Finally, be sure to perform your magical rituals with respect and caution – improper use could potentially cause harm instead of good!

Choosing The Right “Hair” for your Ritual

When deciding on which ritual items to use for a love spell, it is important to select items that will align with the desired outcome. In this case, a strand of hair can be used as it is an object that contains personal energy and can be used to symbolize the connection between two people. It also acts as a vessel to hold and contain the magical power being put into the spell.

To make sure the desired outcome is successful, there`s steps one should follow when selecting their hair.

  1. Find a strand that has not been touched or moved since it fell out naturally from the head. This ensures that its natural state of energy remains intact.
  2. Also, make sure the strand comes from someone whose energy you want in your life—it should come from either yourself or someone you are sending love toward during your spellworking session.
  3. Finally, if possible try and get an unbroken piece of hair as this helps in manifesting more intense results for your spellwork session.

Love Spell Using a Strand of Hair and Setting the Mood #1

Creating the right atmosphere is essential when performing a love spell. To perform this Spell, you will need one strand of hair from the person you wish to draw toward you. You must also have something that represents yourself, such as a photograph or an item of clothing.

Dim the lights and light some candles, to bring in a sense of intimacy and focus energy on the task at hand.


Start with a simple incantation such as “I call upon the elements to aid me in my craft” to set your intentions for working magic.


Visualize love entering into your life. Concentrate on this vision as you hold both the strand of hair and the photo between your hands and chant your desired outcome three times.


As you do this, imagine all the warm and positive feelings that come with true love flowing through you.


Place both photograph and strand of hair within a small bag and tie it securely with red thread.


As you secure the thread chant: “As I bind these locks together, let our hearts meld forever”.


Then bury the bundle outside your home – and when burying it, visualize your desired outcome (the two of you together).


End by thanking the elements for their guidance and presence during your ritual.


Finally, keep repeating your intention over several days until your wishes come true.


This love spell with hair should bring about powerful results if done correctly!


Love Spell Using a Strand of Hair #2

Begin by lighting the candle and incense, then take a few moments to center yourself before beginning.


Take a few deep breaths and envision your desired outcome. Once you are feeling confident and focused, hold the strand of hair in one hand while reciting an invocation or short poem that reflects your purpose for the spell.


As you do this, imagine a bright light emanating from your other hand, increasing in size until it completely encapsulates both you and the strand of hair.


Visualize any desired outcome or emotion associated with casting this spell as well as anything else related to its purpose.


When ready, carefully pass the strand of hair through the flame three times while repeating an incantation such as “I bind these two together.”


Finally extinguish all flames used during casting, thanking any divinity or spirit invoked for their help with achieving your goal.


Love spells are a form of magic that has been around for centuries. Using a strand of hair as part of the spell is an ancient practice with roots in many spiritual traditions. The power of these spells lies in their ability to tap into the energy and connection between two people. This power  allows them to come together even when they are far apart.

When done correctly, love spells can bring lasting happiness and joy to those involved by creating strong bonds between them. The results of the spell depend on how much effort you put into it.  And with patience plus dedication, amazing things can happen.

It’s important to always keep safety first when it comes to casting any kind of spell. Never use malicious intent or wish harm upon anyone else as this could have serious consequences for both parties involved. With proper care and respect, you can use love spells to create beautiful experiences that will last a lifetime!