How To Get Your Ex Back

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Whatever issues you may have had with your loved one are irrelevant. Thanks to white magic spells, there is always a chance to find a lost love again. White magic has always treated emotional suffering.

Keep in mind that you should love and be happy in the world. An essential piece of advice is to take the casting of spells to find a former partner seriously and without haste.

Getting your ex-back spells won’t work or come true if they are cast from an uncomfortable place where you don’t believe in magic or even question the sincerity of your feelings for your ex-lover.

Magic practice requires patience and skill, so it’s generally not advised to do it by yourself. I highly advise that you speak with a professional spellcaster like myself and have me handle the task on your behalf.

You can be sure that someone skilled and knowledgeable is doing it this way. I’m also always available to answer questions about your casting and offer follow-up services.


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How To Get Your Ex Back

Now stop worrying about whether or how you will get your ex back! Just keep reading. Let`s begin.

How To Get Your Ex Back Back; 2 Powerful Spells

1. White Candle and a Photograph Spell

This simple spell with a white candle and a picture works only if you want your ex-boyfriend or husband back. It will not work for women. It’s one of my favorite spells, and I constantly advise friends who need to get their ex-partners back to use it!

Ingredients Needed:

  • A Photo of the Person You Want to Get Back.
  • A White Candle
  • A Chalk


Start by lighting the white candle and kneeling with your back to the East.

Recite this mantra seven times while placing a picture on the ground.

Draw a chalk circle around the image after each repetition of the following:

“To you who only understand the anguish of my soul. Bring it back to me. Because without me he will not know where to go and in nowhere will he go. To you who only understand the anguish of my soul. Brings (name) into my heart and brings my heart back into his. Because without me he won’t know where to go and in nowhere will he go. So be it and so it will be! “

Put out the candle and keep everything else the same.

Repeat the following steps seven days in a row: light the candle, draw a circle with your hands, say the chant once, and extinguish it.

Burn the photo with a candle flame on the final day, saying these magical words as you do so: “My love, I am ready to welcome you back into my life. In the name of the one who alone understands the anguish of the soul, you will welcome me into yours, or yours will be over! “

How To Get Your Ex Back

2. A Cloth Bag Spell to Bring Back Your Ex

Although you only need a few ingredients, it’s crucial that you adhere to the directions exactly. As some of these ingredients might be difficult to find in your area or when you decide to cast this spell, I will add a few options so you can replace some ingredients if needed.

Ingredients Needed:

  • 2 Red Candles
  • You can carve the candles using a toothpick, a pair of scissors, or anything else. (You decide!)
  • Seven cherry pits, or pink pepper or olive pits if you can’t find cherries. These are great substitutes because they could bring peace and harmony between you and your ex.
  • A blue cloth bag


  • To unwind and clear your mind, practice meditation for a short while.

  • Write your name on one candle and your Ex`s name on the other. (write both names top-down)

  • Light two candles and say these phrases seven times: “In my anguish I invoked the Lord, and he replied. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. The Lord is the one who protects me, the Lord is my shadow. By day the sun will not hit me, nor the moon at night. For the sake of our God, come to me. For the sake of our God, join me again. For the love of our God, love me again. For the love of our God, trust me. For the sake of our God, take care of me. For the sake of our God, I will be your home again. For the sake of our God, you will love me again. In my anguish, I invoked the Lord, and he answered me. The Lord surrounds his people, now and forever. Amen.“

  • Allow the candles to burn out.

  • Place the ashes from the two candles inside the blue cloth bag.

  • Recite this phrase seven times as you place the cherry pits one at a time into the bag: “My help comes from the Lord, (your ex’s name) come back to me!“

  • Close the bag and hold it under your pillow for seven nights.

  • After seven days, store the bag in a hidden location in your house.


Before we conclude…

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How To Get Your Ex Back

Conclusion: How To get Your Ex Back

Now you are ready to perform the spell or the ritual to get your ex back. Do not hesitate, go on and do it or contact me for the best outcome. I hope this article was helpful. Next week we will look into a different area of Love Spells, so make sure you keep following to not miss out. I wish you all the best in whatever you pursue and stay blessed.

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How To Get Your Ex Back