Freezer Spell

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Freezer Spell

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What is a freezer spell?

Before I answer that, have you ever had someone who works on your nerves? Evildoers, who makes you tread carefully? Or that one person (or two) that makes you walk on eggshells and wish they just woke up and disappeared!

A freezer spell is a ritual applied to freeze or banish toxic people, evil spirits, or bad energy from your life. This kind of ritual is used in many magical traditions, especially in Hoodoo and Wiccan circles. It’s employed to put an end to someone’s behavior or remove them from your life. Basically, the spell’s goal is to temporarily stop the person’s influence.

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Freezer Spell

Origin and Context:

Freezer spells originate from various popular magic traditions, including Hoodoo, a form of African-American folk spirituality. As well as Wiccan and other Neopagan practices.

Like I stated earlier, the primary purpose is to neutralize a person`s negative influence or actions against the spell caster. It’s often considered a defensive or protective spell rather than an offensive one.

How It Works:

The spell’s power is in its symbolism. Freezing someone or something symbolically represents stopping their influence or actions. Like many spells, its effectiveness is believed to be influenced by the caster’s intention, efforts, and focus.

As with any spell, there are benefits and drawbacks to this freezer spell that are worth considering.


  • Managing Emotions: A freezer spell can be a powerful tool for anyone struggling with controlling their emotions. And taking control of their lives, regardless of their belief in the physical manifestations of magic.
  • Conflict Resolution: In many magical traditions, there is an ethical guideline to avoid causing harm. This spell is used to peacefully resolve conflicts without causing harm to either party.
  • Establishing personal boundaries is beneficial for preventing unwanted influences from entering your life.
  • Emotional Relief: This spell provides emotional relief for those feeling overwhelmed by others’ actions. Believing that the spell works can sometimes have a real effect on your mind, making you feel more confident and in control.
  • Above all, it helps get rid of difficult people without casting hexes and jinxes on them.

Freezer Spell


  • Ethical Concerns: Some people believe it interferes with another’s free will, which raises ethical questions.
  • Temporary Solution: It might provide a temporary solution, not addressing the root cause of the issue.
  • Psychological Dependence: Over-reliance on such spells can lead to the avoidance of direct problem-solving strategies.
  • Back Firing: Some practitioners believe that the energy sent out into the world can return to the sender. Therefore, careful consideration is given to the intent and method of the spell.

How to Cast a Freezer Spell

Below are the steps you need to take to cast a freezer spell. These steps are easy to follow. And they can be changed to fit your own views and the needs of the occasion. However, due to the nature of this spell, the practitioner should exercise caution to prevent a negative outcome or backfire.

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Materials Needed:

  1. Paper and Pen: To write the name or situation you wish to freeze.
  2. Container: A small jar or container that can be sealed and is freezer-safe.
  3. Water: Represents the element of emotion and is used to encase the written intention.
  4. Optional Additions: Such as vinegar (to sour someone’s actions), herbs (for specific intentions), or other symbolic items.

While a piece of paper, water, and a freezer are the essential ingredients, variations may also include other items, such as vinegar to sour someone’s actions, herbs for particular intentions, or other symbolic objects.

The practitioner can change the spell to fit their beliefs or tastes. For example, some people might say a certain prayer or spell while they are making it.

Freezer Spell

Steps Taken

Write Your Intention:

  • Write the person’s name or a brief description of the situation on the piece of paper. Be specific about what you want to freeze or stop.
  • If you have a specific intention beyond just stopping someone or something, write that down as well.

Prepare the Container:

  • Fold the paper and place it in the container.
  • If you’re using additional items (like vinegar or herbs), add them now. Each addition should have a symbolic purpose related to your intention.

Add Water:

  • Fill the container with water. The water symbolizes the emotional aspect of the situation and acts as a medium to ‘freeze’ the problem.
  • As you do this, focus on your intention and what you wish to achieve with the spell.

Seal and Freeze:

  • Seal the container tightly.
  • Place the container in the freezer. As you do this, visualize the person or situation becoming immobilized, unable to influence or harm you negatively.

Freezer Spell

Focus Your Intent:

  • Spend a few moments focusing on your desired outcome. Imagine the person or problem being frozen out of your life, their influence diminishing.
  • Some traditions may include saying a prayer, chant, or affirmation at this stage to reinforce the intention.

After Casting the Spell:

  • Let It Work: Leave the container in the freezer for as long as needed to achieve the desired effect.
  • Disposal: Once you feel the spell has worked, you can choose to dispose of the container respectfully. Ideally, away from your home.

Important Considerations:

  • Intent Matters: Your intention and focus are crucial for the effectiveness of the spell.
  • Ethical Practice: Ensure that your intentions align with your ethical beliefs. The goal is to protect and neutralize, not to harm or manipulate.
  • Belief and Openness: Your belief in the process and openness to the outcome play a significant role in the practice of such spells.

Freezer Spell

Remember, the power of a freezer spell, as with most folk magic practices, lies not just in the practitioner’s physical actions but also in his or her intentions, beliefs, and energies.

Before we conclude, it’s important to remember that whether you choose freezer spells or the transformative power of prayer, your intention is key. If you’re looking for a peaceful and powerful way to banish negativity and attract positivity, the ‘Divine Prayer‘ program could be the perfect solution. Experience the magic of a one-minute manifestation prayer that covers everything in life, including banishing evil. Click here to unlock the secrets of ‘Divine Prayer’ and embark on a journey of spiritual empowerment.

Freezer Spell: Final Thoughts

Essential: These kinds of spells only work if the target believes them to. A lot of magicians say that the power of a trick depends on the magician’s intention and faith. The freezer spell, like many aspects of traditional magic, blends symbolic action with intent.

Whether seen as a literal command of energies or a psychological tool, this freezer spell reflects a deep human desire to influence. And to control the world around us, particularly in dealing with conflicts or negative influences. Because of this, the power of such a spell comes from what it means to the caster. And how much trust they have in it.

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Freezer Spell